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Our Initiative for Access to Care!

Thirty years after the first detection of HIV, and despite advances in battling the pandemic, 60% of all those infected by HIV/AIDS worldwide still have not been tested and remain unaware they carry the disease. This problem is most severe in sub-Saharan Africa where 68% of all the undiagnosed cases in the world occur and the majority live in poverty in rural communities with millions beyond the reach of traditional healthcare services. The problem is so large that there are more people infected by HIV in sub-Saharan Africa who remain unaware they carry the disease than all the diagnosed HIV/AIDS cases worldwide. The communities most in need of HIV/AIDS testing, prevention and treatment often have the least access to necessary medical services and commodities.

Mobile HIV Clinics

Our all terrain mobile clinics deliver the full package of HIV testing, counseling, prevention and treatment to remote and vulnerable communities no matter where they are located. Over time our clinics transition from mostly providing HIV testing to mostly delivering treatment. They present the ability to respond where healthcare is most needed and infrastructure is most lacking. They grant us flexibility to adapt and expand our healthcare platform and patient networks to address other health promotion intercessions linked to HIV interventions, such as male circumcision, as well as other related and pressing healthcare matters including tuberculosis and malaria.

WISH is a registered non-profit organization comprised of recognized international leaders in mobile HIV/AIDS clinics and outreach, brought together to deliver the full package of HIV testing, counseling, prevention and treatment to rural, remote and vulnerable communities.

Dr. Paul Williams and staff with a Mobile HIV
Healthcare Clinic in Bwindi, Uganda
There are 33.3 million cases of HIV worldwide, and of those, only 19% have been diagnosed, let alone treated. The number of undiagnosed cases of HIV that remain in sub-Saharan Africa is 13.5 million, a number greater than the total number of diagnosed cases worldwide.

Our mobile clinics are designed to travel to remote and vulnerable communities throughout the region to test, treat and counsel those who would otherwise have limited or no access to healthcare of any kind. By delivering a mobile HIV diagnostic platform in partnership with non-governmental organizations, we are able to reach those most at risk in the fight against HIV-AIDS, thereby curtailing the spread of the epidemic and saving lives.

With the continued support of our international team, we hope to make a significant impact towards eradicating this deadly disease.


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